Weekly Update November 18th-22nd

Happy Almost Break!

Just 5 more days!!!  A big shout out to Sean and Megan for having their class compete in Battle of the Brains.  I know it took a lot of hard work on everyone’s part and we really appreciate you going the extra mile to make learning engaging and fun for the students.  We know this is the week before break but remember we must be maximizing all of the time we have with our students.  So, what can we be doing this week to make learning FUN and EXCITING?  

At the end of each day, if you could, take a couple of minutes with your co-teacher and celebrate the things that went well during the day.  This can help you leave work realizing there were some silver linings, if it’s been a hard day.  I know this time of year is busy and crazy at school and at home so take 5 minutes and just reflect on something good and build on that the next day.  If it’s been a really hard day, we have candy in the C & I room that can help pick you up J.  Have a great week!!!

April and Caylie

Support Sites and Articles for Student Engagement




April’s Schedule

November 18th-Class (Leave around 3:15)

November 19th-UCM Meeting Offsite (PM)

November 22nd-TK Lunch (11:00-11:25)

***STEAM Time Klippel/Mills***

Caylie’s Schedule

November 18th-Off

November 22nd–TK Lunch (11:00-11:25)

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