Weekly Update December 2nd-6th

Happy Monday

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break!  Hopefully everyone had time to rest and regroup for December.  We only have 14 days with our students, and we want to make sure we are using that time wisely.  Please be mindful this week that our students have been out of their regular school routine for over a week now and may need some time and help adjusting.  This doesn’t mean we have to lower our expectations; it just means that we may need to give them a little more grace and patience as they are readjusting.  

This week in TGM we will be working on aligning our pacing guides and the Evaluate assessments.  We have a tool that we will be passing out help you do this.  Please bring any work that you have already completed on this.

We hope everyone has a great week.  Please let us know if you need anything.

April and Caylie

Support Sites and Articles for Maximizing Time Before Break


December 2nd-16th: F & P Benchmark Assessment

December 9th-13th: Evaluate Assessment (K-4)

December 16th-18th: Math CFAs (TK-4)

April’s Schedule

December 2: Class (leave at 3:30)

December 6: TK Lunch Duty (11:00-11:25)


Caylie’s Schedule

December 2: Class (leave at 3:30)

December 6: TK Lunch Duty (11:00-11:25)

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