Weekly Update January 13th-17th

Happy Monday!!!

We hope everyone enjoyed this cold, snowy weekend!  We are sure most of you were glued to a television yesterday, cheering the Chiefs on to a win!!!  As we were out and about last week it felt like everyone came back ready to go and quickly got back into the routine of things.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you because that does not happen everywhere.  That is a direct result of your hard work and planning.

As we are entering our second week back from winter break this is a great time to reset any goals or class expectations that will help our students be successful.  This past week in TGM we set smart goals, please make sure you are looking over those weekly and asking yourself what did you do this week to move closer to helping your students meet that goal?  As always, if there is anything you need please just let us know.

April and Caylie

Inspirational Quotation Poster: Nelson Mandela

Articles and Support Sites

EdShelf Socially-curated directory of education websites, mobile apps, and desktop programs.edshelf.com – Grade: K-12

Edutopia Parenting tips and advice as well as educational activities and ideas.edutopia.org – Grade: K-12

HippoCampus Multimedia lessons and course materials to assist students in self-study.hippocampus.org

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Professional and classroom resources for math teachers.nctm.org – Also see: Illuminations


January 13th-17th: Evaluate (2nd-4th Grade)

January 6th-February 28th: WIDA Testing

April’s Schedule

January 14th: Out

January 17th: TK Lunch Duty (11:00-11:25)

Caylie’s Schedule

January 14th: KC Plus (offsite)

January 17th: TK Lunch Duty (11:00-11:25)

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