Weekly Update February 10th-14th

Happy Monday!

Hopefully, everyone had a restful weekend and was able to enjoy the warmer temperatures on Sunday.  The next two weeks are short weeks for our students and before we know it conferences and spring break will be here.  We are at the beginning of February, but it already feels like the spring semester is flying by quickly. With that being said, what teaching strategies do we need to focus on ensuring our students are mastering the content we teach them?  Over the weekend I spent some time reading about the impact of building vocabulary and background.  As we know, most of our students come in with limited vocabulary and background knowledge so it is imperative that we help them build that knowledge.  We know that vocabulary lessons are not just for reading.  We should spend time in all of our content areas building their vocabulary.  I have attached some articles below that give some great ways to teach vocabulary.  

We hope everyone has a great week and if you need anything, please let us know.

April and Caylie

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. ~B.B. King

Articles and Support Sites for Building Vocabulary and Background Knowledge



January 6th-February 28th: WIDA Testing

February 18th-March 2nd: F&P Assessments

April’s Schedule

February 11th: UCM Math Meeting (12:30-1:30 offsite)

Caylie’s Schedule

February 11th: KC Plus PD (offsite)

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