Weekly Update March 30th-April 3rd

Happy Monday!!! We just wanted to take time and say a huge thank you to everyone for the hard work you put in last week to get our remote learning going. We are seeing great things going on. Several of our classrooms have virtual classrooms set up and are doing google hangouts with their students.Continue reading “Weekly Update March 30th-April 3rd”

Weekly Update March 9th-13th

Happy Monday!!! We hope everyone enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend and remembered to set your clock ahead an hour.  We have almost made it to spring break…just a few more days to go.  We know the last couple of weeks have been busy with F&P benchmarks, CFAs and Evaluate.  Thank you for pushing through and getting themContinue reading “Weekly Update March 9th-13th”

Weekly Update February 24th-28th

Happy Monday!!! February has seemed to fly by compared to the long stretch of January.  We have 38 days until the MAP testing window opens (that includes ERD) and 58 days until the last day of school.  This year is going by quickly, but we still have plenty of time to get our kids where they needContinue reading “Weekly Update February 24th-28th”

Weekly Update February 17th-21st

Happy Tuesday! We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and was able to get out and enjoy the nice weather.  We know that January felt like it lasted forever, but February feels like it is flying by so quickly and before we know it conferences and spring break will be here.  With that in mind, what doContinue reading “Weekly Update February 17th-21st”

Weekly Update February 10th-14th

Happy Monday! Hopefully, everyone had a restful weekend and was able to enjoy the warmer temperatures on Sunday.  The next two weeks are short weeks for our students and before we know it conferences and spring break will be here.  We are at the beginning of February, but it already feels like the spring semester is flyingContinue reading “Weekly Update February 10th-14th”

Weekly Update February 3rd-7th

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the Big Game!  Last week got in our Educational Leadership magazine and it some great articles about reading instruction in it.  The article “For Reading Comprehension, Knowledge is Power” provided some great insights into why it is important to build background knowledge for our students because of howContinue reading “Weekly Update February 3rd-7th”

Weekly Update January 27th-31st

Happy Super Bowl Week!!! Fingers crossed we will actually get to be with our students all 5 days this week .  As we are getting ready to begin February, we would love to know what you are planning for your classes for Black History Month.  One of the things that was brought up during our strategic planning meetingContinue reading “Weekly Update January 27th-31st”

Weekly Update January 20th-24th

Happy Tuesday We hope that everyone is rested and feeling better after our extended weekend.  While we are just at the beginning of the spring semester, we all know how quickly it will fly by us.  As we are dealing with weather and sickness we can easily fall behind in our pacing and before we know it,Continue reading “Weekly Update January 20th-24th”

Weekly Update January 13th-17th

Happy Monday!!! We hope everyone enjoyed this cold, snowy weekend!  We are sure most of you were glued to a television yesterday, cheering the Chiefs on to a win!!!  As we were out and about last week it felt like everyone came back ready to go and quickly got back into the routine of things.  A HUGE THANKContinue reading “Weekly Update January 13th-17th”

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