Weekly Update December 9th-13th

Happy Monday Only 9 more days!!!  We know this is a busy week with Evaluate and F & P Benchmark Assessments this week, so let us know if you need anything.  Hopefully, everyone is seeing growth with their students as we are completing our mid-year checks.  Just a reminder to goal set with your students before they takeContinue reading “Weekly Update December 9th-13th”

Weekly Update December 2nd-6th

Happy Monday We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break!  Hopefully everyone had time to rest and regroup for December.  We only have 14 days with our students, and we want to make sure we are using that time wisely.  Please be mindful this week that our students have been out of their regular school routine for overContinue reading “Weekly Update December 2nd-6th”

Weekly Update November 18th-22nd

Happy Almost Break! Just 5 more days!!!  A big shout out to Sean and Megan for having their class compete in Battle of the Brains.  I know it took a lot of hard work on everyone’s part and we really appreciate you going the extra mile to make learning engaging and fun for the students.  We know thisContinue reading “Weekly Update November 18th-22nd”

Weekly Update November 11th-15th

Happy Monday!!! We only have 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving Break :)!  With that being said let’s make sure that we are maximizing all of our learning time together.  We know this time of year can be a little more challenging for all of us, but as teachers we set the tone of the day and ultimately whatContinue reading “Weekly Update November 11th-15th”

Weekly Update November 4th-8th

Happy November!!! We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with planning and participating in Trunk or Treat!!! Everyone had an AMAZING time, our kids are truly blessed to have such dedicated and fun teachers. Also, we hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep this weekend (or whatever you choseContinue reading “Weekly Update November 4th-8th”

Weekly Update October 28th-November 1st

Happy Monday!! We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  It looked like we had a lot of families show up for conferences, so thank you for putting in the extra time to accommodate them.  We will be having our regular TGM this week so plan on meeting in the C & I room on Tuesday.  Also, if youContinue reading “Weekly Update October 28th-November 1st”

Weekly Update October 21st-25th

Good Morning! We hope everyone was able to get some rest this weekend and is ready for this week.  This is a shorter week so just make sure we are continuing to hold all of our students to high expectations, at all times.  We spent time this past Wednesday looking at our Evaluate data, please continue toContinue reading “Weekly Update October 21st-25th”

Weekly Update October 14th-18th

Good Morning!!! As we begin the week, we just wanted to say how impressed we were with everyone last Thursday when all of our parents visited your classrooms.  It is always great when parents get to see and experience what our kids do every day.  We continue to see great things going on in the classroom.  We haveContinue reading “Weekly Update October 14th-18th”

Weekly Update October 7th-11th

Happy Fall Y’all Well, fall has definitely arrived!!!  We hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend.  We both will be out of the building this afternoon visiting other charter schools and looking at their co-teaching models.  We are hoping to bring back lots of helpful strategies for you to utilize in your classrooms.  If there is anything specific that youContinue reading “Weekly Update October 7th-11th”

Weekly Update September 30th-October 4th

Happy Monday! We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  It’s starting to feel a little more fall(ish).  This week we will not be having TGM meetings due to Gordon Park’s son, David Parks, visiting us on Tuesday.  On Wednesday during our ERG day we will spend a little bit of time discussing the Dyslexia Screener.   This week as we areContinue reading “Weekly Update September 30th-October 4th”

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